5 habits of a successful Sales person

Selling is one of the toughest job in the world especially in today's environment where customers are more knowledgeable, increase in competition and longer sales cycle. Selling can be easier if salespeople follow through the process of execution by developing good skills in prospecting, positioning and closing.

“Great salespeople don’t wait, they don’t procrastinate. They take the offensive and they are always moving forward. See a problem, attack it! See an opportunity, take advantage of it! See a better way, and implement it!” Bob Franco

To be a successful sales person, you need to truly understand your client's perspective, have a consultative approach and understand that every buyer is different. Here are 5 habits of effective sales people:

Stay positive

Sounds simple, but it is harder to actually be, especially for sales people. There is so much uncertainty around and it’s hard to maintain a positive mental attitude. Sometimes it can be for not achieving your quota, not enough leads, making cold calls, rejections and what not. It’s kind of tricky to turn your thought process to be always positive. In Sales, rejections are part of the game, don’t fear rejections keep moving. The longer you think about a problem the longer it remains. Finding a solution to your problems by determining and controlling your thoughts will help you to stay positive.


Great sales person will always listen more than they talk, because active listening helps you to understand your customer much better. After the initial introduction, most sales people start pitching the features and benefits of the products before they discover about what the customer’s actual needs or problems they are facing. It’s a good practice to make the customer talk by asking questions, the more questions you ask the more you understand the customer. If you have the patience to pay attention to what customer really wants, it can evidently help you out in closing the deal, scheduling the next possible date for the deal or even moving to your next customer saving everyone’s time.

Build relationship

When sales people focus on building relationships with customers, it’s a win/win result! Every interaction with the customer develops into a sales relationship, ensure that you build trust and make the customer feel important all the time. During your interaction try to discover similar interests, encourage to share their knowledge and experience, ask about their current situation & expectations or add something that you feel can spark a healthy sales relationship. Keep in mind that a strong customer relationship creates happier customers who can potentially become advocates for you and your services.


Nurturing is a process mostly done by marketing through an automated sequence of emails. It happens either post purchase phase or when the leads aren’t yet ready to buy. They drive relevant content to engage the customers to a product or to build a brand. Sales people should develop a communication plan to prospects and customers during or after the customer lifecycle to engage with them in a personal way from time to time with new offers, new product launch, company updates or a simple how is it going?, email. Sometimes these simple touch points enlighten the customer about your products or services and a possible requirements that can bring you closer to a deal.

Managing sales tools

A phone and a headset is not enough! I personally feel that a sales person should have at least a CRM tool rather than managing leads on a spreadsheet. However, today’s sales tools are incredibly advanced and CRM tool is kind of getting outdated. As technology companies are continuously innovating new sales automation tools with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, prospecting software, automated dialer and outreach sequences making life easier for sales people. Successful salespeople effectively manages and also influence the purchase of great sales tools for their organization to improve and eliminate unnecessary or redundant tasks.

A sales prospecting software, such as GetProfiles helps sales teams to automate targeted prospect building from professional social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing & Viadeo within seconds. GetProfiles populates full company, contact with business emails and installed technology information of your prospective customers in just a few clicks.


In this post I have shared with you some of the key habits to be a sales rock star, however, top salespeople know they also need fundamental skills to succeed. These skills are core to be successful at work and also in life.

Just to mention couple of them: I think we all do better when we keep focus on a clear set of goals and follow a strict code of sales ethics. Facing ethical challenges is part of sales people job and it's important to follow high ethical standards to protect the reputation of your company, product or services you are representing.

Goals for the destination and ethics for the journey!

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