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GetProfiles has always been a great, cheap, and controllable way to find leads for your outbound campaigns. Now, thanks to a generous new pricing strategy, GetProfiles offers an even more cost-effective way to create outbound marketing campaigns for your business.

This week, GetProfiles announced a new pricing structure that has increased the number of profiles provided with each pricing package – including on its freemium plan.

Each membership level is up to ten times more generous than before!

Get MORE Profiles

Ash Pallickal, Co-Founder of GetProfiles, said: “We have responded to feedback from users, who have asked us to make GetProfiles’ free starter plan more generous.”

“The main reason for these requests was so that our free users can put GetProfiles to the test more quickly – and more rigorously – before signing up to a paid-for plan.”

On the free plan, GetProfiles users will now have the ability to search for and export up to 100 leads per month, for an unlimited period.

Pallickal said: “This is an incredibly generous allowance for individual sales people and small marketing departments. For businesses just starting to adopt an outbound approach, this new free plan is very appealing. We expect that by giving users the opportunity to try out GetProfiles quickly and robustly in this way, we will also increase the number of paying users – as the solution proves itself, so marketing departments will want to extend the service to the rest of their teams.”

Even More Leads, Even More Wins

The new plans are more generous at every level, with increased profiles allowances offered for every plan:

  • Forever Free - $0 per month – 150 leads per month
  • Startup - $25 per month – 1,000 leads per month
  • Growth - $75 per month – 5,000 leads per month
  • Enterprise - $200 per month – 25,000 leads per month

Get 2 months FREE on any paid plans for an annual subscription.

Additional GetProfiles Benefits

As well as the new, more generous profile allowance for every plan, GetProfiles users can also enjoy additional benefits with each plan.

The free plan now comes with:

  • Company profiles
  • Contact profiles
  • Social profiles
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing integration
  • 24/7 Email support

Users on the Growth plan can now benefit the Technographics from GetProfiles that was previously only available to Enterprise users.

Pallickal said: “As developers and sales people ourselves, we are really confident that GetProfiles will help any organisations to improve its outbound marketing activity. These new pricing plans allow users to really experience the power of the GetProfiles application for themselves before committing to a paid-for plan.”

“Of course, for small businesses, the Free Forever plan now offers enough profiles for there to be no need at all to upgrade – so that GetProfiles really can be Forever Free.”

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