How Can You Master Writing a Sales Email?

So, you’ve got your list of target contacts from GetProfiles. Now what? How do you write that perfect sales email that will tempt your prospects to get in touch, sign up to your service, or buy your widget?

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

And that first impression counts more than ever in an email inbox.

Because, on average, 75% of emails never even get opened. When it comes to email, it is far too easy to fall at the first hurdle.

1. Getting the “from” line right

The from line is important. If your contact is expecting your email, or likes you or your company and is interested in finding out what you are up to, they are way more likely to open an email from you.

Does your name or your company name have the strongest brand promise? Use it. (And keep it under 22 characters).

2. Getting the “subject” line right

In an email, your subject line takes on a disproportionate importance.
Your subject line has to shock, amuse, or inspire your recipient enough to make them want to open the email.

So how do you stand out in the inbox?

Your subject line has to be short and exciting or emotionally stirring (because you want them to open this email now).

And it has to accurately reflect the contents of the email (because you want them to open the next one).

3. Getting the offer right

But what are the contents of your email?

What are your reasons for getting in touch? What have you got that is going to make your recipients day?

• Are you offering a discount or offer?

• Are you promising value? e.g. “how to…”

• Are you asking a question?

And, whichever of these you are doing, are you creating a sense of urgency?

4. Testing subject lines really does pay off

The top tip when it comes to writing subject lines is split testing, and split testing, and testing over time. It’s the only way to understand what really works for your audience.

However, as a general rule, the best way to establish immediacy and connection is to focus on your recipient.

And to really make this point, it’s worth sharing here that I’ve found (generally) that subject lines which feature the word “you” tend to illicit higher open rates.

5. Get the top line right

If your recipient is seeing the first line of the email in a snippet or in a preview pane, the opening line of your email has got to work hard too.

It’s got to connect directly with your subject line and reinforce its content and sentiment.

Does it make you want to read on?

6. Keep it simple

It’s an email, right?

It’s more than likely going to get scanned, at best. Does your content communicate a clear proposition, even if you scan-read it?

Or is your prose so sparkling your reader is propelled into the body text, breathless for more?

OK, better just make sure you’ve got a clear, concise, and memorable proposition then…

Oh, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

And support your proposition with at least one piece of concrete data.

7. Who is the hero?

Remember that “you” in the subject line? Is that following through the whole body of your email? Is it all about you? Or your recipient?

Check again – how is your email really delivering value for your recipient? Is that consistent throughout?

8. Climax memorably

Are you offering a clear and doable call to action?

Is it consistent with the emotion with which you opened your subject line?

Are you giving your recipient a real, emotive reason for acting on your call to action?

Are you making it easy for your recipient to commit by offering a trial period or guarantee that can eliminate (or reduce) their fear of buying or fear of commitment?

What’s next?

Ready to put these ideas into practice?

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