How to Meet Your Quota as a Sales Rep

Most of us have some sort of metric that our work performance is judged by, and sales teams are no different. In fact, they’re one of the more obvious examples, because most salespeople have their performance measured by one obvious metric: their sales quota.

The exact makeup of sales quotas is different from company to company, but the general idea is the same. Salespeople are hired to sell products, and a sales quota is a tangible number of sales that they’ll be expected to achieve in any given month. Some companies measure the number of calls made or the amount of tangible revenue that salespeople make, but the most common metric is simply the number of leads turned into customers.

Regardless of what exactly your quota looks like, there are some common tips that you can follow to make sure that you’re doing the best job possible. Here’s what you need to know.

1 Practice positive thinking

Positive thinking might sound a bit hippyish, but visualising your goals can help you to work towards them and ultimately make a big difference to your overall performance. It helps you to keep an eye on your goals (which you should always be working towards) and if you’re feeling positive then you’ll come across as positive and make more sales. Ultimately, it can end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2 Nurture people

Some salespeople make the mistake of only thinking about scoring immediate sales, and that has the effect of alienating people and pushing them away. Some customers just aren’t quite ready to buy, and that’s okay. Instead of trying to force them into making a purchase, accept that they’ll buy at a later date and put in the time that’s needed to maintain your relationship. The goal is to make sure that when they are ready, it’s you that they’ll buy from – and investing the time now will help you to meet your quotas in the future.

3 Put the customer first

This might sound like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many people need reminding of it. Putting the customer first means keeping an eye on your quota while simultaneously doing whatever is best for the customer. It’s a longer-term approach and another one that won’t help you to meet your sales rep in a hurry but which will make your job easier over time.

4 Focus on the people who are ready

When it’s getting towards the end of the month and you’re struggling to meet your quota, it makes a lot of sense to focus on the people who are already close to converting. This will give you a higher success rate and help you to hit that quota, although once you’ve hit it you might want to switch your focus back to nurturing. That way, you can save the rest of your sales ready leads for the next month to get a head start.

5 Plan ahead

Ultimately, if you plan far enough ahead then you’ll be able to reduce the odds of finding yourself at the end of the month with a deficit in your quota. On top of that, everyone has a bad month from time to time, and if you don’t manage to hit your quota then at least you’ll be able to explain to your manager how you plan to follow it up in the following month.

What’s next?

With a bit of luck, the tips that we’ve shared in this article will help you to reinvigorate your approach to sales and will have a huge impact on the way that you do business. As with everything you do, it’s a good idea to track the impact that changing your approach has on important metrics, including on your quota.

The good news is that a lot of it comes down to attitude, and if you have the right mixture of communication skills and a healthy attitude combined with the tips that we’ve shared today, you’ll be off to a good start. Good luck!

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