Seven Must-Have Productivity Tools for 2019

Productivity has never been more important. After all, we only have a limited amount of time in the day, and when it comes to the world of business, our only options for increasing productivity are to hire more employees or to make the existing ones more productive.

The good news is that there are all sorts of new technologies available to us that are designed to help us to get our jobs done. By adopting them as part of our everyday approach to business, we can increase productivity and make our companies more profitable. Let’s jump on in and get started.

1 Trello

Trello is a project management tool that makes it easier than ever before for different teams to work together on complex projects. It’s a good idea to use it to list jobs and track deadlines, and you can even create different boards for different teams and different products or open it up to third-parties if you’re working with freelancers and other partners and suppliers.

2 Slack

Slack is great for instant messaging and video calls between employees, but it has a few added advantages over tools like Skype and WhatsApp. For example, you can create bots and set up levels of automation and you can also integrate it within many other dashboards and applications.

3 is a sales acceleration tool that helps you to generate leads from LinkedIn and other professional social networks for your business so that you can focus on delivering the products and services that you’re known for. It’s a solid choice for when you don’t have an internal marketing team or when you just need a little extra help.


We-Connect is a powerful tool that helps marketers to automate their LinkedIn campaigns. It has a 14-day free trial and reasonable pricing, helping you to connect, engage and expand your LinkedIn network up to ten times faster. It's all about making it easier and more efficient for you to identify the right people and to reach out to them, building your connections and even automatically visiting relevant profiles so that they take a look at yours in return.

5 Evernote

The chances are that you’ve heard of Evernote before. The popular note-taking application makes it easy to store written, visual and audio notes, and it also allows you to tag those notes and to share them with others as and when you need to. Its applications are almost endless, making it one of the most efficient note-taking tools we can think of.

6 Spark

This award-winner is all about helping you to prioritize your emails. It works by understanding which emails are important and which aren’t and then automatically categorizing them accordingly. Available on both Mac and iOS, it can be a handy little tool to prioritize who to respond to while stopping important emails from slipping through.

7 Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a collaborative to-do list app that allows you to bring all of your different lists into a single place. You can run multiple lists and store those lists within folders, and you can also create collaborative lists so that different team members can work on the same project. This makes it a versatile tool that you can use both at work and at home – and you can use the same account to bring the two of them together.

What’s next?

Not all of these tools are for everyone, and so it falls to you to test them out and to figure out what works best for you. Remember that it’s all about improving your overall productivity, and a tool is only good if it helps you to do that. If it means you’re spending more time logging data or carrying out admin, it's not making you more productive and you need to ditch it.

Remember, there’s no shame in tracking your employees’ productivity and in trying to find ways to improve it. In fact, it could make all of the difference when it comes to your overall performance. So what are you waiting for? Start being more productive today!

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