Who Is GetProfiles for?

*How do you build new contact lists at the moment? Do you purchase unsatisfactory lists of over-worked data from a list service without any sure knowledge about how often it is updated? Or do you employ a telemarketer to time-consumingly build a bespoke list for you? *

Either way, your options are fraught with problems. GetProfiles has been developed to make the prospect identification and list building processes easier. It solves the problem of poorly targeted data by giving you a tool to create bespoke lists of highly relevant contacts which you know are bang up to date. It also eliminates the problem of the time and effort it requires to build a bespoke list: enabling you to create a bespoke list in seconds.

Watch this video to see how you can build a bespoke list in seconds using GetProfiles

Essentially, any business that is doing outbound marketing, particularly B2B marketing, can benefit from GetProfiles.

GetProfiles’ four different pricing models have been designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses and different users and give you an option to test out the service for free. So who is GetProfiles for?

Start with the free service – so you can test out GetProfiles for yourself without making any commitment.

Using the free service, users can import up to 10 records every month. The software enables you to quickly build lists from contacts profiled on Google, LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo in an automated way. All records can be exported as a .CSV file – or directly into Salesforce CRM – and then used as you wish.

It’s ideal for testing out the system, the ease of building lists and the quality of data produced. If you are a small business new to outbound B2B marketing, then 10 targeted prospects per month is a great starting point to begin your outbound sales activity. This free plan is also perfect for individual B2B sales people who want to supplement the leads coming from their marketing department by doing their own prospecting and proactively identifying potential sales prospects.

*Once you’ve tested GetProfiles, you can level up your plan to increase the number of prospects you identify each month. *

The GetProfiles Start-up plan enables you to identify 200 prospects every month for a monthly fee of $40. This is great for small businesses running one campaign per month, or four smaller telemarketing campaigns – fifty telemarketing calls per week is a good challenge for any small business outbound initiative.

You can import the data from your GetProfiles list as a .CSV file so it is easy to add to your CRM or prospecting database. If you’re using SalesForce then you can import the list directly into SalesForce.

Empower your sales team to build their own prospect lists by signing up for the GetProfiles Pro service.

The Pro plan supports up to five users. Between them, these five users can build lists totalling up to 1,000 contacts per month. This is great for companies that are regularly running large outbound campaigns, particularly B2B events and other proactive B2B marketing companies. For marketers, the real benefit is that you are in control of building your lists, you can tweak and add to the list of contacts as you wish, rather than relying on third parties to build and update your outbound prospect lists for you.

Plus, if you are using either of the leading HubSpot or Marketo marketing communications platforms, you can export your newly built GetProfiles prospect lists directly into your marketing software.

For sales managers, giving each of your sales team a login to Get Profiles is a great way to give your sales team an easy-to-use tool for identifying potential sales prospects and encouraging proactive outbound initiatives.

Larger sales teams or very active outbound marketing teams can scale up to the Enterprise service, which enables up to 10 users to get 5,000 profiles per month between them.

Test out GetProfiles for yourself by signing up and building your first list here: GetProfiles free plan

Definitely worth giving it a go!

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